ZENA Anti-wrinkle essence for microneedling cosmetology - 10 pcs

Anti-wrinkle essence
Highly low molecular hyaluronic acid, a natural extract of caviar, placenta, peptides and seaweed extract. Concentrate Anti-wrinkle essence for:
  1. Anti-aging effect
  2. Smoothing and reducing wrinkles;
  3. Rapid moistening;
  4. Smoothness and elasticity;
  5. Reduction of pores,
  6. Lifting effect,
  7. Antioxidant action;
Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), roe extract, placenta, blue copper peptides, seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen, phenoxyethanol

How to use:
As a means for daily care On cleansed skin apply a couple of drops with a massage in the morning and in the evening. As a daily care under a cream As an active ingredient under alginate masks. Use with cosmetology devises, dermapen MTS.

The advantage of ampule complexes. High concentration, in comparison with creams, is 20-30 times higher; Non-hormonal natural raw materials; Does not contain mineral oils, without artificial colors and synthetic aromas.

Product specifications: 10 ml ampule.

Packing - 10 pcs

After opening it is desirable to store in a dark cool place, use within 6 months.

Shelf-life is 3 years.

Manufacturer: Zena beauty
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