MARILYN X5 Multi Effect Mask 10 EA

MARILYN Retro Young
A mask pack with 6 peptide to help skin regeneration and
excellent moisturizing and soothing and pore care and
brightening effects such as edelweiss, lotus flower, hibiscus
flower, honey , niacinamide , camellia flower.

Revitalizes tired and rough skin, solving various skin
problems from dryness to elasticity!
All skin can be used with confidence, Hypoallergenic
mask containing an essence that containing ingredients
derived from nature in an optimal formulation.

3 points of Skin Repair Mask:
-As the efficacy of natural ingredients (Essence made from plant extract ingredients such as edelweiss, hibiscus flower, lotus flower, and honey makes healthy skin);
-Excellent adhesion without bending (We use a high density sheet that combines Tencel and Cupra to deliver the active ingredients into the skin in an optimal condition);
-Enough moisturizing power with one sheet (Essence delivered to the skin provides moisture that doesn't dry easily, so it stays moist over time

Hibicus Flower Extract
Edelweiss Extract
Lotus Leaf Extract
Honey Extract
6 kinds of Peptide (Oligopeptide, Copper tripeptide, Palmitoylpentapeptide 1, Tripeptide,
Hexapeptide , Palmitoylpentapeptide 4 Six types of peptides stimulate skin cells and
DNA to help strengthen the skin barrier. Participates in moisturizing and collagen
and elastin production)
Adenosine (Adenosine, a functional cosmetic ingredient that improves wrinkles, provides elasticity to weak skin due to aging and helps improve wrinkles on the skin. As a conditioning agent, it restores skin regeneration power. There is also an effect to give vitality to tired skin (* The above efficacy is limited to raw material properties)

1. After cleansing, clean the skin texture with toner and open the pouch to remove the sheet.
2. After spreading the sheet, apply the mask sheet to the face to fit well.
3. Remove the remaining mesh and use a mask pack for 20 minutes.
4. Remove the sheet and tap the remaining essence for absorption.

Recommended for those who with skin problems

Skin that is dry and needs strong moisturizing

Skin in need of skin barrier management due to disordered skin condition

Skin that you want to make your tired skin clear and transparent

Skin that is not smooth and lack of shine and radiance

Skin requiring immediate vitality recharge in a short time

If you need home care easily and simply

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