MATRIGEN - B-TOX Peel - 12pcs x 10ml

Apply to facial skin only Product Benefits:
  • Detoxifying skin with dull complexion (uneven and dry complexion leads fast skin aging) Cell regeneration.
  • Promotes formation of collagen and elastin.
  • Restructures skin tissues
  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Regulates production of sebum.
  • Purify Acne and oily skin.
Included :
1. B-Tox Powder – Sili-tox micro peeling powder (1g/ 2 Bottle in 1 set) : 100% Natural Peeling Powder based on the deep-sea bio silica penetrate deep into skin to help the absorption of other products and regeneration and escape of death skin cell on the basic of skin circulation mechanism.
2. B-Tox Solution- Solution to be mixed with peeling powder (8ml/ 2 Bottle in 1 set) : Sili-tox penetrates deep into skin to maximize the effect, and it is necessary to mix with the Sili-tox powder to mitigate the skin stimulation and helps to established inside the skin.
3. B-Tox Calming Ampoule – Peeling calming & moisturization ampoule (10ml/ 2 Bottle in 1 set): It applied for the calming after peeling Sili-tox penetrates to calm down redden face while fully preventing the dryness with the top class moisture inducer, urea.
4. B-Tox Regenerating Ampoule – Skin cell recovery & circulation healing ampoule (10ml/ 6 Bottle in 1 set): According to the rapid skin circulation cycle due to Sili-Tox, this ampoule encourage the skin cell vitalization while providing dynamic healing with the placenta, aloe, and collagen

How to use:
Step 1 – Mix powder and solution by 1:1 ratio. Apply solution on facial skin and massage/rubbing for 5-10 mins.
Step 2 – Apply Calming ampoule to treated areas to make it soothe.
Step 3 – Apply Regenerating ampoule to finish off.
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