ZENA Algae Peeling Powder BOX 5g / 20pcs

ZENA Peeling Algae Powder

How useful peeling for facial skin
  • irritating to the skin
  • providing analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect.
  • From acne
  • From pigment spots
  • From scars and sеtrech mark
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • cleanses and narrows enlarged pores;
  • strengthens blood vessels and small capillaries;
Enhances the flow of oxygen and blood to the cells, which rejuvenates the face. Under its action, the renewed skin is smoothed, becomes smooth and supple.

How to use:
  • MIX 1:3 with water - rub the mixture into the skin with light movements and hold the mask for 5-10 minutes. Don't be afraid of the tingling or burning sensation. Gently rinse the mask with warm water and gently wipe with a clean towel. You can make the course each 6 months. After peeling use sunscreen with a sun protection factor min SPF50.
When applied to the face, peeling microneedles penetrates deep under the skin, causing itching, tingling, severe burning.

Before the first use, it is desirable to check the properties and action of the peeling. A small amount is applied to the inner bend of the elbow, 5-10 minutes to monitor the reaction. If the burning becomes unbearable, wash off earlier. This area should be observed for 3 days

Сontraindications! with skin lesions in the form of gaping wounds, large abscesses; with couperosis, other dermatic diseases; herpes, after unsuccessful procedures performed in beauty salons; allergy to ingredient
Ingredients: 100% Natural Algae Peel off powder
Suitable for all skin types
Be sure to check before treatment for allergies!
Packing sashe- 5g peeling
Box packing- 20pcs
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