Zena Skin Toner Whitening and Acne

Zena Whitening and Acne Skin Toner
For preparing skin to professional treatment and improve the whithening and acne effect of Zena algae peeling.
This antibacterial skin toner contains:
~ Hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid, Niacinamide for skin Whitening
~ Chlorhexidine, and anti-acne acid complexes
~ AHA/BHA (salicylic acid), Citric acid
~ Hyaluronic acid
~ Vitamins complexes (A,B,C,E)
~ Parsley Extract
~ Willow Bark Extract
~ Orange peel Extract
~ D-Panthenol

The various acids and extracts contained within the best facial toners help serve other purposes too, such as restoring pH balance to your skin.

Applying as a toner — Make sure to use a cotton ball or cotton pad to apply your toner. Saturate your applicator of choice, then wipe it across your face and neck (while avoiding your eyes). Be sure not to rinse the toner off, instead letting it dry naturally.

Applying as a Algae peeling solution — mix 10 ml Zena Skin Toner with Algae Peeling 5G Sachet then add 5ml of water.
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