Zena BotoxAlternative HP ampoules set 10 pcs/8ml

 Increasingly, ardent opponents and refusers of botulinum therapy appear in our offices, the reasons can be very different: from reading on the Internet .. to fear of an injection, what analogues can we offer to replace the classical botulinum therapy? After all, our patients still want to be young and radiant without wrinkles.
An innovative solution of the South Korean brand Zena BOTOXALTERNATIVE HP, which allows, without resorting to injections of botulinum toxin type A, to relax muscles and restore the dermis, to act on the deep layers of the skin in order to restore a healthy state. attractive appearance significantly improves the quality of the patient's skin.
Uniquely developed using high technologies and the latest advances in science, high and balanced, working in synergy, the concentration of neurotransmitter, signal, transport peptides and plant extracts determines the rapid achievement of a visible effect to eliminate static and dynamic wrinkles, launch regeneration processes, collagen stimulation, work qualitatively with texture, color, turgor and skin tone.
Often, muscle relaxants are combined with signaling and remodeling peptides in order to obtain the effect of not only relaxing muscles, but also filling wrinkles. Its peptides inhibit the formation of the Snare-SNAP complex, which affects the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in muscle contraction. The peptides included in the composition also have a lifting effect, increase the proliferation of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen in the extracellular matrix.
Zena BotoxAlnternative HP has a similar effect on botulism (without any side effects) gently reduces muscle contraction, relaxes mimic wrinkles and has a botox-like effect due to the presence of biomimetic peptides in the preparation that mimic the effect of botulinum toxin, promotes relaxation of facial muscles and reduces the superficial fine wrinkled mesh has a muscle relaxant effect when applied intradermally. Eliminates mimic wrinkles, improves the quality of the skin with fine wrinkled morphotype, helps to eliminate wrinkles in the orbital and perioral zones, neck and décolleté. Improves tissue tone and elasticity.
Restoration of skin density
Increased tone, elasticity
Intensive lifting
Reducing the depth and width of static and dynamic wrinkles
Botoxlike effect for all age groups
Application protocol:
 dermapen, hyaluron pen (1 division, superficially), electroporation
 Frequency 1 time / 10 days from 4-10 procedures
Structure :
  Sodium hyaluronat has a pronounced moisturizing, wound healing, antioxidant effect, restores the internal environment of the dermis.
 niacin amide, vitamin PP. It has been scientifically proven that it increases the production of ATP, which affects the renewal of DNA and also protects the skin from photodamage, increases the lifespan of fibroblasts, increases collagen synthesis, increases the content of lipids (by 67% fatty acids and 34% synthesis of ceramides) and proteins (by 41%) in the stratum corneum, which improves the barrier function, increases skin moisture.Fights the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes the skin microrelief, narrows enlarged pores, reduces rosacea, relieves dryness and sensitivity, has a depigmenting effect, regulates the production of sebum, has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin with moderate acne, reduces inflammation on the skin by 60%.
1,2-Hexanediol - antiseptic and moisturizing action
Adenosine the nucleoside is present in the composition of nucleic acids, It is part of some enzymes, ATP, and nucleic acids, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, and also actively affects the production of collagen elastin (stimulates the production of type 1 procollagen), evens out the skin relief, is an antioxidant
Centella asiatica leaf extract characterized by the content of alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, flavonoids. The plant extract contains vitamins E and A, magnesium.
Centella asiatica leaf extract contains madecassoside, a triterpene that stimulates collagen production in the body and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties,Thus, Centella asiatica leaf extract stimulates collagen synthesis, enhances blood microcirculation in the dermis, fights free radicals, accelerates cell regeneration, smoothes wrinkles, has an anti-inflammatory effect and gives the skin a firm, fresh, toned appearance, strengthens blood vessels.
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract high content of polyphenols - antioxidants with an anti-inflammatory effect, which play an important role in the prevention of cellular disorders, tones blood vessels and has an anti age effect.
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract's ability to protect against free radicals is 20 times higher than that of vitamin E.
Houttuynia cordata extract has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and antimicrobial effect, inhibits the production of sebum, has a moisturizing effect on the skin, has antibacterial properties, is used for skin care, strengthens capillaries, stimulates skin cell renewal and is an antioxidant.

Diospyros kaki leaf extract contains proanthocyanidin which slows down aging by protecting against DNA damage. Polyphenols exhibit lightening properties and provide protection against wrinkle formation by inhibiting enzyme activity. In a complex, terpenoids, flavonoids and carotenoids contained in Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract exhibit pronounced antioxidant activity.
Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract contains vitamins and minerals. Contains a large amount of catechin, epigallocatechin, gallocatechin, epicatechin and flavonol myricetin and gallic tannins,. It is rich in iron and also contains naphthoquinone, a precursor of vitamin K that plays a role in the coagulation process. Kaki Diospyros leaf extract contains a highly active leukoanthocyanin.Eastern persimmon leaf extract acts as an anti-free radical and natural skin brightening agent, as well as affects elasticity, tone, firmness.
Сassia cinnamon bark extract  is able to activate collagen synthesis in the skin, has a powerful antioxidant protection, has linderanolide B and subamolid A in the extract, effective depigmenting properties.
Сhrysanthella indica extract has antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory action (used as an active ingredient in the treatment of rosacea) due to the flavonoid compounds luteolin and acacetin-7-O-rutinoside has a powerful tyrosinase inhibition.
Chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract
is a superantioxidant, an expression of the recognition of vitamin C, malic, tartronic, citric and other acids, minerals (iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, pectins, calcium, silicon, boron), vitamins (A, E, K, B1, B2, B6, E, PP), fatty acids.
Artemisia princeps leaf extract
 has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, contains coumarin derivatives: coumarin, scopoletin; flavonoids, rutin, saponins, vitamins C and group B, a large amount of mineral salts.
Tripeptide-1 peptide of three amino acids glycine-histidine-lysine, is a signal peptide, stimulates the production of collagen stimulates the production of other essential proteins: fibronectin, elastin and laminin Protects the skin from photoaging, promotes regeneration, increases skin elasticity, promotes tissue renewal by activating the synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins
palmitoyl tripeptide-1  is a messenger peptide for collagen repair. Similar in action to retinoic acid, but in comparison with retinoic acid, does not cause irritation. The peptide stimulates the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycan, thereby strengthening the epidermis and reducing wrinkles.
Palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 Matrixyl® synthetic peptide with derivatives of serine, threonine and hexadecanoyl. The results of clinical studies have shown that it stimulates the synthesis of collagen (in particular, types I, III and IV), elastin and fibronectin, glycosaminoglycan.
Hexapeptide-9 (Collaxyl)the peptide helps to significantly reduce the length and depth of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. In the same way as wrinkles, collaxil removes acne marks, stretch marks, shallow scars and scars.
Hexapeptide-9 stimulates the production of extracellular matrix, acts as an anti-age agent that reduces the severity of wrinkles and promotes accelerated skin regeneration. This peptide is clinically proven to visibly reduce the length and depth of wrinkles. stimulates the synthesis of a number of structural proteins, to be honest, collagen types I and III, as well as proteins of the dermal-epidermal layer (laminin-5, integrins, collagen IV). stimulates epidermal proliferation markers such as keratin and filaggrin.
Copper tripeptide-1 the latest generation copper peptides are considered one of the most advanced anti-aging components. has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, stimulates the synthesis of structural proteins, chondroitin, decorin, and glycosaminoglycans promotes the growth of blood vessels. Renews and revitalizes the skin. Copper tripeptide-1 promotes tissue repair by activating natural extracellular matrix proteins: collagen, elastin, laminin (responsible for cell adhesion). By acting on fibroblasts, the tripeptide stimulates the synthesis of collagen 1 and 3.
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) peptide which is a fragment of SNAP 25, botulinum toxin substrate is a new generation of biologically safe peptides with muscle relaxant action. Has no side effects. It is an alternative to Botulinum Toxin A, in areas where the use of botulinum toxin is not possible, or in case of resistance to botulinum toxin
ARGIRELINE mimics the N-terminal end of SNAP-25, competing with this natural protein in the SNARE-complex, which in turn consists of 3 proteins: VAMP, Syntaxin, and SNAP-25. In the case of even a slight destabilization of the SNARE complex, the release of neurotransmitters is not so efficient, and, therefore, muscle contraction is weakened, preventing the formation of wrinkles and folds.
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is specially formulated to combat expression wrinkles, effectively reducing wrinkles on the neck and around the eyes. It has been proven that this peptide not only effectively reduces existing wrinkles, but also prevents the formation of new wrinkles.Blocks muscle innervation due to competitive inhibition of proteins responsible for the process of nerve impulse conduction, it is not a toxin, it is physiologically absolutely safe. Argireline has been scientifically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. (Study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2002) Its mechanism of action is that it slows down the conduction of nerve impulses to the muscles. This component induces muscle relaxation without muscle paralysis.
The principle of action of acetyl hexapeptide-8 resembles the action of botulinum toxin (botox), causing the so-called effect of botox. The peptide relaxes the muscles, causing an immediate result - a reduction in wrinkles. In addition, it prevents the formation and formation of new wrinkles.

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